Christian Rome tour


Gianlucatour Christian Rome Tour will show in the city, the oldest and most important Christian archaeological sites and the Vatican City in Rome Italy.

Is possible to visit in a day the next sites in Rome.

  • S Paul Outside the Walls Basilica
  • The Catacombs of St Sebastian (walking tour 01,00 hour )
  • St Peter in Chains Church
  • The Pantheon
  • Lunch break
  • Vatican Museum (Walking tour 02,00 hours)
  • Sistine Chapel
  • St. Peter's Basilica
  • Santa Maria in Trastevere.

Lunch stop at the customer's expense.

Each additional hour to the fee will be charged in Total at a cost of Euro 50.00 per hour.


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Gianlucatour COMMENTARY

The catacombs were the underground cemeteries used in the ancient age . The most famous are Christian, although there are some cases linked to other religions: there are also Phoenician and pagan, the Etruscans and the Jews used to bury their dead in rooms groundwater. Christians recreated inumativa abandoning the practice, through faith in the resurrection of the body, the use of cremation pagan.

The name "locus to catacumbas" was a town located in a valley near the Via Appia; Scholars are not agreed, however, that at this Latin term indicated. Some used to indicate a depression situated in front of the Circus of Maxentius, between the two hills where today there is the cemetery of San Callisto and the tomb of Cecilia Metella, and later went on to indicate the same cemetery; according to others the depression was to where today is the cemetery of San Sebastian.

With Gialucatour company you can visit the places of worship of the Christian religion, including the major basilicas, the early Christian and catacombe.Le papal basilicas of Rome's four major basilicas: St. John Lateran, cathedral of Rome, also called Lateran Basilica, in St. Peter Vatican, also known as St. Peter's Basilica, St. Paul Outside the Walls, also known as St Paul's Basilica and Santa Maria Maggiore, also called the Liberian Basilica.

Abandoned its role as capital of the empire, Rome became the center of Christianity and thus regained in the religious and cultural that amount he had lost politically. As evidence of his new role arise, since late antiquity, many churches and basilicas (defined as "early Christian", that is, from the first centuries of Christianity).

The Basilica of Saint Peter ( exact name of full papal basilica of St. Peter greater ) is a Catholic basilica in Vatican City, which is crowned by the monumental St. Peter's Square .

It is the largest of the four papal basilicas of Rome, often described as the largest church in the world and the center of Catholicism.

However, there is the cathedral church of the diocese since that title belongs to the Roman basilica of St. John Lateran , which is also the first in dignity as the Mother and Head of all the Churches of the City and the World.

As the Papal Chapel , located adjacent to the Apostolic Palace , the Basilica of St. Peter is the seat of the main manifestations of Catholic worship and is therefore in a solemn function on the occasion of the papal celebrations , such as Christmas , Easter , the rites of the Holy Week, the proclamation of the new popes and the funeral of the dead ones , the opening and closing of Jubilees and the canonization of new saints.