Long Distance Transfers

Gianlucatour.com carry out transfers, from 07:00 am to 07:00 pm, every day of the week. The cost of any transfer out of schedule, will be increased of 10,00 Euros.

Gianlucatour.com Private Transfer is a private ride, where the vehicle is exclusively use for you. This kind of service is the best for who is looking for a First Class service, especially if you need to reach your destination confortably and fastly.

The transfer system of Gianlucatour.com company develops in a different way for the transfer type. We carry out long distance transfers throughout Italy and Europe, wherever it can get a mini van or a car.

The long distance transfers will obviously have a different criterion of costs from all the others.

Each service booked with Gianlucatour.com Limousine Company will be assigned to a driver who will reach the place of departure or arrival you requested.

All now in place pre-announced on the day agreed.

The distance between the place of departure and arrival will determine the fee for the service.

Where the place of destiny are easy to reach by motorway the cost will be lower, but if the place of destiny are at risk of increased hours of driving or traffic the cost will be slightly higher.

The short distance instead are divided in turn into other categories. City transfers, transfers to the airports of Rome and from the port of Civitavecchia.

As in other cases the transfers when required can be matched to the different tours that the company offers, viewable on this same website. The cost of the transfer + tour will obviously be granted to the table.

We operate with Mercedes minivan, luxury car or representation, this is our standard.

With the hope that you will be our customers. We wish you a good navigation and a good holiday.



The departures or arrivals, with target other cities of Italy or Europe, to and from airports or ports throughout Italy are possible any time of year, in summer as well as in winter.

The costs of course vary depending on the distance and driving hours. From the amount of people to carry and the amount of luggage that you will have to carry. Where the place of destiny are easy to reach by motorway the cost will be lower, but if the place of destiny are at risk of increased hours of driving or traffic the cost will be slightly higher.

You will be charged for the cost of returning car to the place of origin. But if the cost of the return of the car is accidentally covered by another service, the final cost will be halved because already covered.

The final cost, however, is inclusive of taxes, tolls, parking and stopping time.

It reminds the lords and ladies who choose any of our transfer, the transfer will be possible to combine with one of our wonderful tour at a cost of course discount from the normal price list in the menu.


Any movement in the city, towards the airport or from the port as well as to the train station is possible with Gialucatour.com company, thanks to luxurious mini van mercedes comfortable and elegant.

When you arrive at Termini station in Rome you get off the train and we go towards the end of the pier in the direction of the station.

Arriving at the end of the track looking for the binary number One-1 is looking at the binary at the beginning of the station on the left.

The track number will be manned by one driver on duty claiming that the paper with your name on it will be visible and easily identifiable.

Any movement in the city will be the actual cost of an hour of rental of the vehicle, considering each fraction of an hour as a time of real limo service, as 50,00 euro per hour.

Including taxes, parking lots and any road tolls.

It will be important to be sure that the person has met is exactly your driver ,please check the rate and the place of destination are correct and confirmed by a driver with you.

Throughout the year with a slight price difference between winter and summer.

That said , I invite you to continue browsing , examining the following pages to choose the transfer that interests you most .

PLEASE NOTE: Please always copy / address all correspondence to info@gianlucatour.com to ensure that all your enquiries receive the attention it deserves.




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