Private Tours

TO01Guide Tours in Rome and Shore Excursions: For your stay in Rome or shore excursions from Italy’s most popular ports of call, i invite you to explore some of the many exciting destinations that Italy offers its visitors.

An exciting Rome in A Day Tour, a Renaissance experience in Florence, wine tasting in Tuscany, breathtaking medieval towns and castles in Italy’s pristine countryside, give you the opportunity to turn your trip to Italy into an unforgettable holiday.

My tours are carefully crafted to include a variety of exciting top Italian destinations to satisfy different interests of our guests.

English speaking Tour Drivers is committed to providing you with the highest standard of service. He will also help you to create wonderful memories that you’ll cherish a lifetime.

Each location you want to propose for a day trip is obviously open for longer periods because each site has an infinite choice of hotels, bed breakfast, camps and apartments to rent.

It's very important, for us, to promote the "personal search" for the place to stay, so you can choose the place that you prefer.

It will be a pleasure to accompany you during your stay in Italy (with a prior agreement).


During each tour , you can stop for lunch at some of the best restaurants or pizzerias who flock to our beautiful country.

Italian cuisine is enjoyed by many people in the world, and surely accompanied by our expert drivers, will be easy for you to taste the famous wines and dishes that our “menu” offers.

The main feature of Italian cuisine is its extreme simplicity, with many dishes made from 4 up to 8 ingredients.

Italian cooks rely on the quality of the ingredients rather than the complexity of preparation.

The recipes of our cuisine are passed us by older generations (our grandmothers), so they are suited to home cooking.

Many dishes that were once known only in the region , have spread across the nation.

Cheese and wine are a major part of the cuisine , with many variations and specific legal protection, the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Even the coffee , especially espresso , has become important in our kitchen.

That said , I invite you to continue browsing , examining the following pages to choose the tour that interests you most .