Terms and Conditions

The rental service with driver if booked by contacting the company chosen, by email, you a reservation on line, which will ensure the legality of the contract between the parts of the service.

The service required will be negotiable in terms of time, counting the hours will be evaluated at a cost of Euros 50.00 per hour.

Except in special cases where the count will be calculated by type of service as a privately organized tour, a Transfer or a shift in the city.

You can depend on the amount of people to carry, the travel distance and the time required to perform the service, to agree the just compensation to be paid cash directly to the driver, or by bank transfer to the above company.

While the taxi service can originate only within the district, the NCC can be done at any place without territorial limits, in accordance with the national laws and the resources allocated by the regions to local authorities.

Travel must commence from remittances located exclusively in the municipality that issued the authorization, or can begin at airports and ports, without prejudice to the powers of the competent authorities relating to the movement in the areas of ports, airports and railways, and in accordance with trade union organizations.

The vehicles NCC, equally to taxis can travel lanes, access to town centers and the ZTL , and circulate in the presence of limitations or traffic jams.


Do not worry, we never ask for your credit card information, require advance payments, or charge you for cancellations. We operate on the time trusted honor system, so we respectfully ask that all cancellations be made at least 7 days in advance so we have the opportunity rebook your service and your reserved driver does not lose work for that day. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


If you want to visit places of historical and artistic interest in Italy, we recommend the use of official guides service.

PLEASE NOTE: Please always copy / address all correspondence to info@gianlucatour.com to ensure that all your enquiries receive the attention it deserves.

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